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America is now nationally and internationally more than ever Sports Crazy!  Crazy enough to spend billions of dollars each year on everything from Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, and tickets to all kinds of sporting events.  Where you look to see athletes advertising something that makes you smell good, or telling us we need to wear a certain tennis shoe or clothes to be (IN).  Athletics and Athletes command a huge influence on our culture some good and some bad, but because of where our culture is, or leaders and Community has a wonderful opportunity to reach out and “Capture the Imaginations” of our Youth and Kids with sports.  However, a sport for sports sake is not a job for the Leaders or community.  The Leader and Community Role is to be focused looking in for every opportunity to share it experiences of life and it challenges with each participants and spectators alike, Such opportunities abound for Leaders and the Community to use this non-threatening tool as a entry point into a relationship with the Youth, Kids, and the family of the Community. Sports unite, create friendships and togetherness. It's a great way to keep in shape while having fun with a team. ACE Athletics Sports  is always looking for new members to join and become active members of our club. To learn more, please call +1 602/3320837  or email us at alfredcraigjr@gmail.com 


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